What Anti-Aging Treatments Need To Do

As people, women in particular, become more concerned about aging companies are more and more seizing the opportunity to make money by promising that their anti-aging products will eliminate wrinkles and make skin tighter and firmer. But not all anti-aging products are created equal. The next time you are looking on the shelves for just the right thing, make sure to read the ingredients label to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The main ingredients that you should be looking for in any anti-aging treatment are reduced glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, and enteric coating. Reduced Glutathione is a very small molecule that can be found within cells. The human body starts to decrease its glutathione production as it gets older and so cell and organ function begins to operate more slowly and less efficiently. All of this takes a huge toll on the skin and so replacing this essential nutrient is very important for anti-aging.

Taking it in the reduced form is important because the molecule is too large when not reduced and so the body won’t absorb it. Alpha liopic acid is powerful because it is soluble in water and fat whereas other nutrients can only fight free radicals in water. Alpha liopic acid is also a strong antioxidant reducing toxins in skin and making it look younger and healthier. Enteric coating is important so that the stomach acid does not devour the important nutrients. Without the coating the other two ingredients are useless.

It’s important to make sure that whatever anti-aging treatments you are using contain all three of these ingredients. They work very well individually but work best when they are taken together. Carefully read labels of creams and lotions and ensure that you are doing the very best for your skin!