Anti-Aging Myths

For years mothers have been telling their children not to make funny faces or else their face will stay that way. While this is obviously untrue, there are many anti-aging myths that follow along the same lines. These myths stem from manufacturers who want people to buy their anti-aging creams and medicines, misinformation in magazines and people’s own conclusions. Before you begin your fight against aging, it’s important to first separate fact from fiction.

The fact that wrinkles are preventable is indeed an anti-aging myth. Wrinkles come through natural lines in the face and these lines are made every time our faces move. This means that when we laugh, frown, cry, or have any facial expression at all, we are helping to create natural lines known as wrinkles. The only way to completely prevent them would be to never move our faces at all. The truth behind this myth lies in the fact that you can take steps to help reduce the appearance of fine lines with many anti-aging creams available.

These creams are behind another anti-aging myth that they can remove wrinkles once they have formed. The truth to this myth is that because lines are deep indentations in the face, there really is no magic cure to have them removed without surgery or other medical procedures. However, for those that don’t want to go to that extreme, these creams can greatly help to plump the skin and fill in some of the wrinkles but not the entire thing. The creams can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles so much that they may be difficult to detect but they are indeed, still there.

One thing that is fact and not just another anti-aging myth is that the sun’s UV rays can quicken the aging process. This is because the sun (or tanning bed) dries out the skin and this causes clogged pores and can make wrinkles appear faster. But the truth is that we are all getting older every minute and there really is no cure to stop it.